If you’re not a Vancouver contractor, builder, or construction worker you probably rarely think about the materials that go into building your home or business property. After all we trust that walls, flooring, roofing materials, and other components are environmentally safe. And while this is generally true, both time and the elements can cause good material to eventually deteriorate, thus creating an unhealthy environment for your family, your staff, or your clients. This is especially true with asbestos. If you’re living in an older home you may be experiencing the negative effects of asbestos in more ways than one.

Lung Cancer Prevention

The greatest risk of old asbestos in your building is lung cancer. A form of lung cancer known as mesothelioma usually occurs when high levels of asbestos are circulated throughout your home and breathed in on a daily basis. When asbestos ages it begins to deteriorate and fibers get in your air conditioning system and spread into every room. A proper inspection can detect where the damaged asbestos is and steps can be taken to either contain the asbestos, repair it, or remove it all together. Once the problem is taken care of, the risk of lung infection is drastically reduced and the environment is healthy once again.

Environmental Dangers

If your building has large amounts of asbestos in it, then the dangers also spread to nearby homes or businesses in your area. For instance, if large office building, warehouse, or factory contains high amounts of asbestos the fibers can become airborne and spread directly into other homes. If you own a large piece of property that is at least 10 years old then an asbestos inspection is highly recommended. Although asbestos is not used as much for newer buildings, it was once a common material used in various construction sites. Removing it will great improve the environment around your home or business and lower the risk of danger to your neighbours.

Improve Your Property Value

Are you looking to sell your home or business down the road? Then now is the time for a professional asbestos inspection. Smart home buyers have multiple inspection performed on a home before ever purchasing it. One of these inspections may include identifying the amount and condition of the asbestos inside. How dangerous the home is to your health will ultimately determine whether or not they decide to buy. It can greatly affect how much you property is ultimately worth. Removal or treatment of asbestos can keep your home or office building at maximum market value and help you close the sale.

Asbestos Treatment Options

Just to be clear, not all asbestos is dangerous and needs to be removed. Even though asbestos is not as popular as it once was, it is still a viable construction item in the industry today. Everything depends on the condition of asbestos. There are multiple solutions for taking care of it. In the worst case scenarios the all of the asbestos will need to be removed and other alternatives will need to be explored. Other options include repairing the damaged asbestos and getting back in good condition so that it doesn’t spread throughout the interior. In some cases the asbestos can be isolated and contained without removing it. Contact a Rocky Demolition specialist to find out the best solution for you.