Rocky Demolition has 10 years of experience in exterior and interior demolition and we have many demolition projects under our belt working for both residential and commercial contractors.

We specialize in the burnaby demolition of small and large structures, commercial demolition, house demolition, partial demolition, exterior and interior demolition. We offer our demolition services in Burnaby, North Burnaby, South Burnaby, Metrotown and surrounding areas.

We also can provide renovation services which gives us a great undestanding of how to perform a proper demolition job and prepare the space for the different renovation trades.

Safely remove unneeded debris and materials
Obtain all required permits
Section off the area for public safety
Safely remove any hazardous or potentially dangerous materials

We do full site analysis
Our team is highly trade trained and highly safety trained
We are fully insured
We closely follow environmental regulations

Our Burnaby Demolition Services

  • House Demolition in Burnaby
  • Green Demolition in Burnaby
  • Home Demolition in Burnaby
  • Swimming Pool Removal and Backfill in Burnaby
  • Building Demolition in Burnaby
  • Silo Demolition in Burnaby
  • Barn Demolition in Burnaby
  • Residential Demolition in Burnaby
  • Full Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Partial Demolition and Site Remediation
  • Environmental Assessment and Reporting