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As professional providers of Vancouver Residential demolition services, we and our contractor partners will always work to maintain an excellent working relationship with all Municipal, City, Region and Provincial departments to allow for expeditious service when getting required permissions and permits. We also assure our clients of the utmost attention to Eco-friendly issues, and our company maintains working relationships with environmental contractors in order to assist with any environmental cleanup that may become necessary. These relationships allow us to minimize to additional costs to our customer, and help to avoid schedule interruptions.

Home Demolition services include:

  • Partial Demolition
  • Aging Home Demolition
  • Grading and Filling
  • ​Foundation Waterproofing​
  • Swimming Pool Removal 

Partial Demolition:

Our partial demolition services are tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of each project. Whether it involves the selective removal of specific structures or the dismantling of individual components within a larger building, our team possesses the skill and precision necessary to execute these tasks safely and efficiently. By minimizing disruptions to surrounding areas, we strive to ensure that our demolition activities proceed smoothly while respecting the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Aging Home Demolition:

With the prevalence of aging homes in the Vancouver area, the demand for professional demolition services has never been greater. At Rocky Demolition, we specialize in the demolition of aging structures, addressing issues related to structural deterioration, safety hazards, and aesthetic concerns. Our comprehensive approach to aging home demolition encompasses thorough site assessments, meticulous planning, and the implementation of industry-leading demolition techniques to achieve optimal results.

Grading and Filling:

Effective grading and filling are essential components of any construction or redevelopment project. Our team possesses the expertise and equipment necessary to perform precise grading and filling operations, ensuring the creation of a stable foundation for future development endeavors. Whether it involves land leveling, soil compaction, or erosion control measures, we approach each grading and filling project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Foundation Waterproofing:

Foundation waterproofing is critical for safeguarding structures against water damage and preserving their structural integrity over time. At Rocky Demolition, we offer professional foundation waterproofing services designed to protect properties from moisture intrusion and related issues. By employing advanced waterproofing materials and techniques, we help our clients mitigate the risk of water damage and ensure the long-term durability of their structures.


Unused or deteriorating swimming pools can pose significant safety hazards and detract from the aesthetic appeal of residential properties. Rocky Demolition specializes in the safe and efficient removal of swimming pools, allowing property owners to reclaim valuable outdoor space and enhance the functionality of their properties. Our team utilizes specialized equipment and proven techniques to dismantle and remove swimming pools, minimizing disruption to surrounding areas and facilitating the restoration of outdoor living spaces to their original condition.

By offering a comprehensive range of demolition services and maintaining a steadfast commitment to professionalism, environmental responsibility, and client satisfaction, Rocky Demolition continues to set the standard for excellence in the Vancouver residential demolition industry. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship, safety, and sustainability underscores every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our clients receive superior service and unparalleled results, time and time again. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discover how Rocky Demolition can help you achieve your demolition goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Rocky Demolition and Asbestos Removal

At Rocky Demolition and Asbestos Removal, we prioritize safety and compliance with industry standards in all our services. As part of our commitment to transparency and providing valuable resources to our clients, we recommend referring to the guidelines set by the City of Vancouver’s Building and Development Services department for information on demolition permits and regulations.City of Vancouver’s

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