Asbestos Removal Coquitlam

Asbestos Removal Coquitlam

Asbestos Removal Coquitlam | Asbestos is made of millions of microscopic fibers that create an excellent barrier to flames and high heat situations. At one time, it was considered the best possible product to fireproof residential homes and was used extensively in building materials. If your home was constructed before the 1990’s, there is a chance that asbestos or materials containing asbestos were used in building floors and walls. Common household items such as wall paint and carpets may also contain asbestos. In older homes, garages and basements may have asbestos in their walls, floors and door frames. Things like pipe wraps and hot water tank blankets may also be made from asbestos.

If you’ve found asbestos in your building, it’s vital that you contact Rocky Demolition. We specialize in professionally Asbestos Removal Coquitlam in a way that’s completely effective, legally compliant and safe for your occupants.

Asbestos Removal Coquitlam

Asbestos Abatement Coquitlam

Coquitlam Asbestos Removal

We’ve provided the following Asbestos Removal Coquitlam work for our clients, which had a wide range of asbestos issues such as removing non-friable floor and ceiling tiles to removing, containing and disposing friable asbestos material.

In its day, Asbestos is a silent and dangerous problem facing homes and commercial properties built before 1990. Breakdown and disintegration of asbestos material can cause severe and lethal health related issues and must be addressed immediately. Residential and commercial property owners can expect complete, safe and thorough asbestos removal in Toronto from the professionals at Rocky Demolition. Rocky Demolition delivers consistent and complete execution through its extensive experience in all types and sizes of asbestos removal projects. Coquitlam owners and managers of older properties should consider frequent asbestos testing from Rocky Demolition for complete air quality management.

Rocky Demolition prevents those risks by being fully compliant with federal and provincial laws on all Asbestos Abatement Coquitlam.