Asbestos Removal Burnaby

Asbestos Removal Burnaby

Asbestos Removal Burnaby | Asbestos is highly toxic and hazardous material. Certified and experienced experts understand the historical ways asbestos was used and can test for the material with the latest and most accurate testing and diagnostic equipment.

    • Asbestos professionals will investigate positive test results and detect all toxic areas that contain asbestos.
    • Upon confirmation of the presence of asbestos, removal professionals will contain and secure the area and begin to plan for the removal of all affected and toxic material.
    • The nature and toxicity of asbestos means disposal is much more complicated than throwing out the trash.
    • Professionals, such as InchByInch Inspections, receive extended amounts of training and education to fully understand the removal of asbestos and the proper and safe disposal of contaminated debris.
    • Processes are constantly updated taking into account any changed or new regulations.

If you’ve found asbestos in your building, it’s vital that you contact Rocky Demolition. We specialize in professionally asbestos removal Burnaby in a way that’s completely effective, legally compliant and safe for your occupants.

Asbestos Removal Burnaby

Asbestos Abatement Burnaby

Burnaby Asbestos Removal

We’ve provided the following asbestos removal burnaby work for our clients, which had a wide range of asbestos issues such as removing non-friable floor and ceiling tiles to removing, containing and disposing friable asbestos material.

In its day, asbestos and asbestos based material was the go to choice for builders and developers as the material was low cost, plentiful and has enhanced fireproofing properties. The long term effects on humans makes asbestos use too risky and the material has been banned from cities for many decades. Local homes or business spaces that are found to still have asbestos material must perform asbestos removal in Toronto immediately. Asbestos dust and minute material can easily and continuously be consumed by humans inside the building and will cause severe health effects and problems that could be lethal. Substances that are banned may become a legal responsibility adding to the critical nature of asbestos removal.

Rocky Demolition prevents those risks by being fully compliant with federal and provincial laws on all asbestos abatement Burnaby.